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Rull Pamela A001 - DOB 5 April 20012535 viewsOur pure-bred Aberdeen Angus cow, Rull Pamela A001. We have recently received this e-mail message: "We represent the interests of Ms Pamela Rull. It has been brought to our attention that you have named one of your farm animals with the same name as our client. While we appreciate that this is nothing more than a complete coincidence - the fact that this is mentioned on the Internet, is causing some considerable distress to Ms Rull. Ms Rull is an up and coming actress - and as I am sure you would appreciate - involved in an industry where image and profile are paramount. I would like to point out that Ms Rull is a great animal lover - and in no way wishes to dictate terms to you. But she has found that enquiries about her on the Internet are being compromised and turned in to a subject of some levity - owing to what some might perceive as the frivolous nature of the pictures in your site. We would therefore be most grateful if you would please amend the content of your site so that the name of our client is not seen in a light which may cause her to be seen as the less than serious artistle that she undoubtedly is not."

We did not name this cow, but purchased her with her name. "Rull" is the breeder's prefix. No offence was intended to Ms. Rull --- this is purely a coincidence.
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Curious168 viewsThe sky was really this blue. It was a great summer's day.
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