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Collinson Silos, Featuring Adrian Parker and Marjorie506 viewsWe're considering the purchase of a silo for the farm, to hold the grain for the cattle. We stopped by the Collinson booth at the Royal Show to look at silos, during the five minutes of blue sky.
Resting His Head on a Bale of Straw224 viewsA bull taking a bit of a rest at the Royal Show, 2005.
Affectionate Donkeys209 viewsPedro and Geofredo nuzzling one another. They're standing right by the opening of the gate on the 11 acre field. Trying to escape?
Alpaca Profile190 views
Alpaca Profile169 viewsMost alpaca photographs that I've seen show the "fluffy" version with lots of fur. Our three alpaca bachelors have just been shorn for the summer, so you can actually see their faces. And I'm sure they're a lot more comfortable.
Alpaca203 viewsI'm always surprised at the curiosity of the alpacas. They love coming over and having a look at anything new: new dog, new sprinkler, new anything. They run a mile if we try to pat them, but they come very close when they want to look over our shoulder at something that's of interest to them.
A Pig? Or A Hippo?204 viewsThis sow is about 10 or 11 years old. She's a cross between an Iron Age pig (itself a cross between a Tamworth and a wild boar) and a Gloucester Old Spot. While she looks incredibly fat, she's the fastest pig we have --- bar none. There is no chance, zero, of catching her.
Alpacas, Chickens, and Pigs334 viewsA bit of summer sunshine at Lucies Farm. The three male alpacas are always together, and don't seem all that bothered by the presence of pigs and chickens. I love when the pigs lie down for a rest, and the chickens peck at (I suppose) tiny insects in the pigs' ears.2 comments
Papeete the Alpaca294 viewsI get the names of our three alpacas confused. This may, in fact, be Brad. The alpacas are tremendously curious, and he was quite amused by the flash on my camera.1 comments
Vic Scott -- Summer at Lucies Farm188 viewsIt was a gorgeous summer day yesterdy: blue, blue skies, no haze, quite warm. Vic and I were doing the traditional British thing: we were complaining that it was too hot, too sunny, too dry. So I took this photo of Vic, and said we'd both look at it when (in November) it was too cold, too wet, too dreary, and the days were too short.
Big Doing His Rock Star Impression302 viewsFashionable white eye make-up. (Actually paint from doing the inside of the stables.)2 comments
Hi, Ho, Hi, Ho It's Off To Work We Go209 viewsBig and Greg and a sheet of plywood --- repairing the pig arcs that we purchased for the Wild Boar.
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