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Tamworth, Berkshire, Tamworth678 viewsThey're free-range, but love running to the fence when they see us coming. "Did you bring food? Did you?"
A Young Berkshire Pig Boar5761 viewsOr "kurobuta" in Japan.
Young Berkshire Boar5621 viewsOr "kurobuta" (black hog) in Japan.
Tamworth Piglets With The Sinister Pig635 viewsThe pigs live together in their own community. The Sinister Pig (she's about 16 tears old) seems to be a bit of an old aunt. The two frisky Tamworth piglets have no hesitancy in running all over her, and nudging her with their snouts. I wouldn't like to try that.
Two Tone Tamworth503 viewsWhat could be nicer than a muddy snout?
Mother Tamworth and Her Two Piglets1584 viewsOkay, not really a litter to write home about. But what they lack in numbers they make up in cuteness.
Berkshire Boar Having A Laugh2944 views
The Sinister Pig436 viewsThis old lady is a cross between a Tamworth (1/4), Gloucester Old Spot (1/2), and wild boar (1/4). But it's the wild boar that's dominant. She's about 16 years old, and still the fastest pig we've got.
Happy Halloween from the Pigs873 viewsWe wanted a photo of a pig pumpkin for an e-mail newsletter. Couldn't find one with any of the stock agencies, so decided we had to try to create a pig pumpkin oursleves. Having never carved a pumpkin before, this was an interesting challenge. But here it is. Oink, oink! And now we get pumpkin soup and pumpkin seeds....
The Tamworth Pigs Showing Off495 viewsWe moved the wild pigs into the next paddock -- to help us churn it up before planting grass in the spring. The Tamworth males ran up and down the fence, with the wild boar on the other side. The chickens and alpacas weren't impressed by this show of piggy macho.
Sleeping Tamworth Pigs426 viewsIt's been very damp, so we brought some of the Tamworth pigs into the stable. We cleaned them off first --- look how they shine. And they don't foul in the stable, just in a corner of the stable yard. This is all one litter: they're brothers and sisters. Born in April 2005, about six months ago. Isn't it great how they sleep in a big gaggle?
Three Sleeping Tamworth Pigs468 viewsClean, sweet-smelling Tamworth pigs --- not disturbed by my flash photography. Happy, contented pigs having pleasant dreams.
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