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Marjorie on the Train from Birmingham to Malvern136 viewsWe worked in Birmingham for a decade and never took the train from Birmingham to home. Here's Marjorie, riding backwards (which she hates), on an extremely crowded mid-day, mid-week train. It was truly awful -- I suspect a train in any third world country would be better. Our first trip from Birmingham to Malvern Link. And our last.
On the Train from Manchester to Birmingham187 viewsMarjorie and I have seen all those wonderful TV ads about Virgin Trains zipping elegantly through the countryside. We decided to take the train back from Manchester. It was more 1986 British Rail: frayed seats, dirty headrests, indifferent service, inaudible (but frequent) announcements hectoring us to do something-or-other. Useless.
Marjorie Watching Me102 viewsTesting the macro lens and ringflash before taking photos of the paintwork in the stable/kennels --- what better than to point the camera at Marjorie?
An infra red view at the Chelsea Flower Show - it was actually a lovely day96 views
Part of the Daily Telegraph garden at the Chelsea Flower Show in infra red258 views
Chelsea Flower Show - infra red view of one of the gardens97 views
Craig's Messy Desk at Whitecroft98 views
A panoramic view of the garden with Tapa96 views
A panoramic view of Whitecroft and garden - and it's summer!!92 views
Panoramic view of driveway, garage and garden101 views
Panoramic view of garage, driveway and orchid house100 views
Panoramic view of swimming pool and garden - on a sunny day!!106 views
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