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The Great January 2004 Storm277 viewsWe'd been warned for several days (including full page newspaper articles) that the Great Storm was coming. And, of course, the weather was beautiful. But the storm finally hit on January 28 2004, and lasted precisely ten minutes. This is our front garden at Whitecroft viewed through the snow.
Marjorie with Bolex Camera269 viewsPoor Marjorie. I got her to pose with the Bolex camera so I could take a photo for eBay. I think her wrist hurt for a week.
Marjorie and night vision goggles5078 viewsWe purchased these Russian-made night vision goggles at a Photokina show in 1996 or so. They were impossible to wear and to use. With all the publicity surrounding night vision during Gulf War II, we decided it was time to eBay them. Poor Marjorie got to be the night vision goggle model.
Brown_s Brigade.jpg
Dinner at Brown's - Worcester299 viewsNick Nagel, Shauna, Marjorie, Steve Patch, and Jane Nagel at our old stomping ground --- Brown's.
At the Gate.jpg
The Women's Institute258 viewsBrenda Bamford, Marjorie's mother (Marjorie 1), Irene Burns, and the most senior member of the W.I.
Change for Parking.jpg
Marjorie gathering contributions from the W.I.248 viewsMarjorie needed some change for the parking meter in Worcester.
Highland Cattle 1.jpg
Irene Burns, Marjorie, and Marjorie 1264 viewsAt Lucies Farm, in front of the cattle.
Highland Cattle 2.jpg
Irene Burns, Marjorie, and Marjorie 1244 viewsWith Highland Cattle in the background
Marjorie and the Hand Knit Harry Potter Sweater279 viewsThis is the size they ordered. Isn't it?
Daffodils at Madresfield279 viewsSpring in England, 2003
Orson Craig.JPG
Craig - or is it Orson Wells?318 views
Severn Bore - 2003274 viewsWe'd lived near the River Severn for a long time and had never seen the Severn Bore. It's a big wave that comes up river usually once each month. Customarily, only two of the annual bores are really big --- and this was one of them. We had breakfast at (where else?) the Severn Bore Pub.
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